There is an urgent need to support our Latino students across the United States as they are falling dangerously behind in scholastic achievement. At a time when the total population of Latinos in the US is increasing rapidly -

Latin Roots in working to improve the performance of Latino high school youth here in Massachusetts by implementing En Camino, a program based on best practices from successful projects across the country, and tailored to the specific needs of each community.

The program will include tutoring, teacher training in Latino cultural issues, and mentoring by Latino business and community leaders. It will also include community support from parents, school, youth, church and business leaders. In addition, our program will strengthen Latinos' understanding of their cultural heritage in order to help them integrate the best of both cultures.

We have begun by surveying 8th grade students in Lowell to evaluate the problems they face in the transition from Middle to High School, and are using this information to tailor our first program to specific needs in Lowell.

By combining a strong educational foundation with a broader grasp of their "Latin Roots", we believe Latinos can assume greater leadership at all levels.

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